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My Garden Growth Journal

A garden log to keep on top of your planting needs for a successful small home garden or green house. Use the square foot map to plan your plots and watering schedule to keep a memo. With this journal you can track sprouting, growth and harvests as they happen.

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A foster care journey

Keisha Jackson

Trash tells the story of life in foster care moving from family to family and how a person feels like an unloved object in the process. 

5 step guide for discipleship

Dr. Aaron Chivington

Moving toward Jesus is a 5 step guide to equip new Christians to develop a healthy, intimate, passionate, growing relationship with JESUS. Step by step Dr. Aaron teaches relationship, understanding and sanctification to equip new followers for success.

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Best Friend 
"Chocolate Bear"

by: Carolyn White

Stella and Chocolate bear get in to trouble when they don't take Moms advice. The first in the Chocolate Bear series puts value on children working with their parents to solve problems. Imagination runs wild in this clever book.

Elephant vs

by: Eugene Williams III

Elephant faces new comer Rhino in a battle of the beasts. Who will be king of the jungle? Written by a 9 year old young man this book pushes the limits of imagination and perspective. Order yours today!!

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Henry and the Hiccups

by: Marie Marcusen

Hiccup!! Uh oh Henry has the Hiccups and how annoying they are! Henry learns the best way to solve a problem is to ask for advice! In this hilarious book Henry learns from his family members how to overcome his problem. Read along with your child and hiccup with Henry together until he finds a cure!

Book by Book Studies of the Bible

Charles L. Smith

Book By Book Studies of the BIble is the fruit of almost a decade of notes and studies. A very helpful guide for the old and new testament.

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My Prayer Journal

Brownie Fox Publishing

Record your prayers in a convenient format.

Growing Up White
an Oreos guide to fitting in 

Kevin L White

An auto biography of a man describing how Blacks who don't act Black enough but do not fit into White or Black culture.​ What is an Oreo supposed to do? Featured on national radio and podcast interviews. This highly rated book challenges stereo types and brings understanding to cultural norms.


My Black Journal

Carolyn White

Black History Month Journal

Gods Love Journal

Carolyn White


Old Book

“Writing is the geometry of the soul”


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